To shave or not to shave?

I’m not against women shaving, but why do women have to shave? Why is society allowed to dictate how we care for our bodies? To what lengths do we have to go to in order to please our significant others and their desires. “Why?” is my only question.

I mean, don’t get me wrong -I get the whole woman looking the part. Believe me, I’ve been what others wanted me to be my whole life. That only caused me pain. That’s why I created JAIA. My brand is all about loving yourself mentally and physically.

So physically females should not be judged for not wanting to shave. Keeping up with shaving every two weeks or less, AND managing your hair routine may not sound like a lot but sometimes it’s ok to be free and natural!

I used to always get my eyebrows done when I lived my wild life. I had a relative tell me last week that my eyebrows were bushy. I’m still learning to be self-confident, so his opinion bothered me. I told my dad, and he disagreed. So did I! I looked at my self in the mirror and said, “I’m gorgeous with or without arched eyebrows.”

As a woman, I believe that I can be just as confident with having arm pit hair, a mustache, hairy arms, or hairy legs. To be honest with you, I have side burns. I’ve always tried to shave them off.  For a long time, I would cover the side of my face when taking pictures because I thought that the side of my face was hairy and look weird. No more! Today, I love me just as I am.

Don’t let society, or another person put you down because of the way you look! Just love yourself the way you are, and demand that everyone else does too.

I welcome your feedback. Leave a reply in the Comment Section below. Let’s begin a conversation. Better yet …let’s build a community.

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