21 Deep Thought Questions & Answers on Self Love

JAIA Apparel in three words is: SELF LOVE Movement.  Here’s 21 questions to ask yourself when getting to know yourself on a deeper level, right along with my own answers:

#1. What emotions are you feeling?

  • I am happy because I am embracing everything from learning who I am, to accepting my faults and healing from past experiences . I am happy because I get to seek out new opportunities.  I have been feeling anxious because I am curious to know where my life path is going to take me. I am feeling scared and also afraid because I don’t know what is to come wither it be good or bad. I am excited to accomplish all my goals. I’m so curious to know who I will meet and what kind of experiences I will have.

#2. What are seven words that describe you? 

  • Creative: I feel like I become creative when it come to taking pictures, making videos, coming up with crazy ideas. I think outside of the box
  • Generous: I love giving gifts and sharing. I can say I’m a very selfless person. I think about other people.
  • Charismatic: I’m very full of personality. I feel like it draws people in to want to get to know me. I feel like I  have a strong character.
  • Playful: I love playing around and telling jokes, even if they are corny.
  • Joyful: I express myself being joyful by dancing around or laughing the whole day.
  • Optimistic:  I am very hopeful in good and bad situations and I stay confident in what the future holds.
  • Witty: I am the ORIGINAL never the copycat.

#3. What do you feel your strengths are?

  • I feel like I am amazingly creative and innovative. I think my strength is communication and how people are drawn into my charm. My personality is a magnet and is my biggest strength of all. My energy is uplifting to people and my happiness rubs off on people.

#4. What do you feel your weaknesses are?

  • Some of my weaknesses would be holding grudges against someone who hurt that I love. I am not so good at managing my finances. I am good at saving cash in my drawer for a few weeks before I find something to spend it.  I procrastinate at a lot of things and it’s easy for me to lose focus.

#5. What are two ways to build up your self-trust?

  • One way to build your self-trust is by the silence of power. Take a step back from being apart of the outside world and practice asking yourself ” How Am I Doing”? It’s something that I need to ask my own self. Silence helps by listening to our hearts guidance.

#6. What makes you happy?

  • One thing that makes me happy it a bond with the people that I love. I know i’m happy when i’m laughing and smiling all day. I am happy when I find myself interacting with people and working on things that I procrastinated at doing.

#7. What is one feeling you can accept and feel?

  • I have two feelings that I can accept and feel which would be LOVE and JOY. Feeling joy makes my chest feeling like it’s about to explode and I get tears in my eyes, I be really excited.  Feeling love makes me more confident and I become more protective over my love ones.

#8. What beliefs underlie your self-love?

  • My belief that underlies my self-love would be finding peace within my self. Once you find that peace with your self, you can pick and choose what type of energy you allow in your life. It’s easy for you to keep away negative energy that would disrupt your peace.

#9. When you love yourself unconditionally, what kind of people do you prefer to hang around?

  • My preference of people to be around would be the kind of people who are motivational , brings me knowledge and inspiration. People who pushes me to go beyond my measures. I want to attract people who respect my boundaries and their own as well. People who know their limits and don’t push me pass my own limits.

#10. What does unconditional self-love look like for you on a daily basis?

  • I love myself enough to be productive all day. From learning some new things, to working, maybe cleaning the house or doing some family activities. I feel like laying around the house and not doing anything makes me down myself, feel lazy and guilty. Although, resting and not doing anything is apart of self-love. I love when i’m productive even if I procrastinate .

#11. What do I need?

Something that I need from people is consistency and understanding. Both of these are important to me because the people in my earlier when I was younger they were temporary. They would come & go like the gas station. We go days to months without talking. I never had a consistent friend who ever understood me. What I need for myself is to gain self trust and grow patience.

– A example of me not having a lot of patience is having some fire as dinner and eating it at the counter before finally sitting down. I would have to tell myself “Girl sit down and enjoy the food”. (😂)

#12. How can I give myself what I need?

  • I feel like to gain patience for myself I would have to practice it. Wither it be on myself or practice having patience with a few of my family members. ” You feed your hunger before feeling starved”. Meaning deal with your inner issues before letting it become a problem.

#13. Am I a human being or human doing?

  • In all honesty I feel like I was a human doing. I use to do things that pleased other people. Only doing things to get by. Now it’s time I become a human being and learn the things that I like doing so I can live life!

#14. Am I following the crowd or am I listening to my own heart and intuition?

  • I use to follow the crowd when I was younger trying to fit in. I use to do things for people and live a life that my family created for me just to feel loved. But now I am following my own heart. Discovering my true intuitions and voice.

#15. When was the last time you told yourself ” I Love You?”

  • I told myself I love you maybe once since discovering what self love was. I will change that by telling myself I Love You once out the day ,right along with one thing I love about myself.  Telling myself this once out the day will help me better protect my peace and be more content with myself.

#16. When was the last time you did something fun for yourself? 

  • I haven’t done anything fun for myself that actually made ME happy. It was always for someone else. I never did anything that I liked because I never knew what I liked doing.  One thing I do know I like doing is going to different unheard of stores. I will go out this year and explore , to find what I enjoy doing.

#17. Who inspires me the most in this world?

  • My DAD! He is so honest and really understanding. He is not afraid of telling me what my issues are. He doesn’t know this but he made me realize that I have low confidence at asking for help. It made me see that I have to gain self trust with myself. He’s the reason why I’ve made a lot of changes to life and myself physically and mentally.

#18. Is there someone who has hurt you or angered you that you need to forgive?

  • It’s a lot of people that hurt me in my past and made me feel humiliated rather then angry. All my bullies in grade school, eighth grade and partly twelfth grade. It’s funny to me because I can remember all the faces and what they did to me to make me hate myself and be disgusted with myself growing up. I forgive them today because I am starting to love myself. The main thing I should have did a long time ago. I won’t blame them for bullying me because in reality they really hated themselves more then they hated me. They didn’t like what was going on in their personal life so they took their anger out on me. That’s why it’s so easy for me to forgive them. I wish them peace.

#19. When was the last time I made a new friend. 

  • The last time I made a new friend was when I first met my ex boyfriend back in 2016. We are still friends till this day. I feel like he’s a good listener and he makes a great support system.  I love our connection, our vibes and the love we have for each other. Since it’s been so long for me making a new friend , I will make more effort to going out and mingling with new people.

#20. Am I comfortable with being uncomfortable? 

  • Yes! Honestly I am admitting that I am. I will make better effort to speak up for myself and stop allowing myself to be comfortable around people and situations that make me uncomfortable.

#21. Do I enjoy my own company?

  • YES, YES, YES! I find myself laughing at my own corny jokes, entertaining myself when I become bored, talking to myself sometimes. I’m learning to enjoy being alone  because i’m at peace with myself and I don’t have to worry about pleasing someone else. I use to always want people around to not feel alone but what I really was craving was my own company and support.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” – Harvey Fierstein

Don’t hesitate to join my self-love movement today. It’s so many people struggling to find themselves due to being bullied , low confidence, self hate or maybe dealing with a mental illness . I want to shine the light on those living in the dark who want to find the light 💡! Everyone has different definitions of what self love is to them. What’s your views on self-love? Feel free to post your feedback in the Comment Section below! Share your thoughts.

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