Just As I Am Apparel

My name is Taylor, and I am the creator of Just As I Am Apparel. This brand is an extention of my story. It’s my way of helping people who struggle with things like self-hate, and low self esteem to know and value their self-worth.


Growing up I was the victim of bullies in school because of my weight. Kids called me weird because I was quiet, and didn’t stand up for myself. When I finally got the courage to stand up for myself, it caused even more problems. Most of all, it caused me a lot of pain. The emotional scars left me unable to express how I was feeling. I’d always brush my feelings aside, and tell myself “It’s okay”, and then continue with my life.

I was that girl who did everything to fit it in . I was the girl who never had friends , never got invited to parties, sat alone at lunch, I was always the target of someone else’s hate. I couldn’t accept that existence any longer. I gave up. I began to wear clothes that were revealing to get guys to like me, or to be like the other girls so I could fit in. It was so hard for me to set boundaries and say “ No.” The change gained me friends …friends that misused me in so many ways .

Their were some people in my life, who never gave up one me, despite my self-destructive behavior. Like my grandparents, and especially my dad. He encouraged me to begin to express myself using writing. I joined his Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program, and was paired with a mentor. I couldn’t believe how much writing helped me to identify what I was feeling and my thinking errors. The problem was me. I had to change the way I saw myself.

Today, I am an avid supporter of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, and my story is published in Stories of Hope. My story is resonating with teens. Teens who are hurting in silence like I used to. I want EVERYONE TO KNOW that it is ok to be different, to stand out …to be weird.

JAIA “Just As I Am” Apparel

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